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Keeping Sane Over Mid Term Break!

If you can't beat them, join them! Our Motto exactly...

With Mid Term break looming on KidsGuide HQ we are dealing with end of term tests resulting in treading on egg shells and counting the hours away until they finish. Unusually extra tired kids in the morning - starting to panic that they will never be up in time and ready for Secondary school next year. The painful task of looking at Secondary Schools for child number 2 in the family and making that right decision for them and you! Plus to top it off one of the eldest has gone in to have their tonsils removed!

All in a days work we guess....

Now we have 9 fabulous days at home with our angels and we find ourselves praying (which can be found very seldom these days) that the weather holds up and we do not get the weather that seems to be predicted for us.

So, what to do over the Halloween Season. Well, if you have not seen on our website there are some amazing halloween camps for children https://www.kidsguide.ie/spooky-halloween-fun there seems to be many more this year and every year new ones appear including all the fabulous pumpkin patches to visit too!

Hold a Carving Afternoon with your kids and their friends... Yes, a little bit messy but great fun! Put some spooky music on in the background, you can pick up pumpkins from 79cents in your local Aldi and get carving..... Next week blog we will talk about fun Halloween games to play with friends and family!

Remember to send us your pictures of your carvings as we are running a competition on our facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/kidsguideireland/

Create some amazing Halloween Jars. You just need to hold onto any jars that you may use, get the children to paint them and once dry with some black stickers or black paper, cut out some spooky shapes and insert a tea light (preferably a battery operated one) - they look spooky in the evenings!

For those not feeling crafty - the hilarious film for all the family comes out Friday 25th October

'The Adams Family'!

We hope you kids out there have a great week off and you amazing parents get to have some quiet moments with a hot cuppa! If you want to share your antics throughout the week with us then just post them up on our facebook page! Speak next week!

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