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Halloween Vs Christmas!

Is it just me or is Christmas getting earlier and earlier within the shops?

Halloween seems to be getting bigger every year (of which i am not complaining - I LOVE HALLOWEEN) But let's get one season over with first before we bring in the Christmas season. I saw Christmas sneaking in even before Halloween!

Today, we hear on the radio a poll in which asked those working in retail 'When Should The Christmas Music Start?' Having 9 weeks of work listening to the same christmas songs every day, 8 hours a day seems to be leaving people into the BAH HUMBUG phase.... mind you, not sure I could handle 9 weeks of songs either!

So where do you stand when it comes to Halloween and Christmas? Which is your favourite season?

Are you someone that loves to dress the house up and yourself and SCARE those who come trick or treating to your house or do you prefer to dress up your house to look like the gingerbread house at Christmas.

On another note I saw a Halloween tree this year! Is this something of things to come? Could be handy... decorate your tree for Halloween and then just keep it up for Christmas? Or is that going too far...

Very tempting though.....

When should the Christmas Season start?

When will you put up the decorations?

The night of the Late Late Toy Show?

Let us know what happens in your household......

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