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A Brilliant Time Had By All At The Galway Pumpkin Patch....

Dragging (literally) the kids out of bed on a Sunday morning so we could get the morning slot at the Galway Pumpkin Patch was a challenge, however once washed and dressed we were on our way!

Only 45 minutes to travel we honestly did not know what to expect, having only seen Pumpkin Patches online before in other countries we have never experienced the opportunity to pick our own pumpkins. Yet alone try and grow them ourselves.

On arrival we were met with many signs that guided us to the farm and again met with friendly faces as they checked our tickets - only €15.75 for 2 adults and 3 children. We were greeted with a queue of cars all booked for the same morning slot, already a feeling of a family fun activity. While waiting you got to see the fun decorations made from hay stacks to water bottles! We were ushered very quickly into the car park. Thankfully it was a bright sunny day today yet speaking to the car park attendant he assured us that yesterday had been a trying day as the weather was not as good. This i could only imagine, but as with all outside events - it's the gamble we take!

Picture courtesy of a friend we met!

Car parked and shoes exchanged for our wellies we made the short walk to the pumpkin patch. I always say to my children 'Do as i say and not as i do' and this was no exception; so a stop to the portable toilets was required (yes i was the only one not to go before we left!), yet there were plenty available and the cleanest i have ever seen! Another tick in my box. Plus speaking from my event side of the brain, to see First Aiders on site too was yet another tick.

So, here we were, a huge field full of activities for the children, animals to see and a very welcome tent with hot chocolate, teas and coffees along with the very popular chocolate fountain and of course... PUMPKINS every where!

Plenty of Hot Chocolate.

So we made our way to grab a hot chocolate and some fresh fruit covered with chocolate as we sat and made our plan. The best hot chocolate i have ever tasted i must say!

The field contained many games for the children and adults to play from throwing small sacks through the mouths of pumpkins, ring tossing, apple bopping, many photo opportunities and just great basic family bonding fun! (Yes i admit we are a family of technology devices, so this was a great excuse to get into the outside world)

Considering we probably had the eldest children there, we spent a very pleasant hour with the activities - ooh, did i say about the hot chocolate??

Galway Pumpkin Patch is certainly a must for those with young children, or big kids at heart. This is an event I look forward to watch grow over the years to come.

With the entry ticket you get to choose from either;

1. One large pumpkin - they were huge!!

2. 3 small white pumpkins

3. 4 small orange pumpkins.

That was when the fun began - trying to decide what we were going to get! We ended up getting two white pumpkins and one yellow, the lady at the exit was lovely and it didn't seem to matter that we were going against the voucher.

Overall a lovely hour to spend in the fresh air - probably more suited for younger children, or big children with young hearts. Those with buggies, yes plenty of space but do bear in mind you are in a field. I did not see changing facilities, but that does not mean there were some. I realise you may be there only an hour, but from my experience no child poops on time! Even i needed a bathroom break!!

Looking forward to next year!

Galway Pumpkin Patch is open again next weekend, 26th, 27th, 28th October 2019. Tickets must be purchased prior to arrival www.galwaypumpkinpatch.ie

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