Junior Einsteins Science Club is very hands-on.

Children get to make and take home something most days including their own SLIME, FOSSILS, MODEL GLIDERS, RAINBOW GLASSES and MORE at Junior Einsteins Science Club! They wear Lab coats and goggles!

LOTS of OUTDOOR Fun with Bug Hunts, Rocket Races, Dinosaur Digs!


SCIENCE CAMP FUN for 2019 included:

Slime making (Long-chain polymerisation, Newtonian & Non-Newtonian fluids)
Smoke cannons (Force, Vectors)
Model gliders (the principals of flight) & rockets
Van Der Graff generator & plasma ball madness! (electricity )
Coke & Mentos Geyser (force and nucleation)
Giant Bubbles/bubbles on fire (the physics of bubbles)
Elephant Toothpaste (Hydrogen peroxide, Potassium Iodide chemical reaction)
Dinosaur Digs
Bug Hunts!

Where are our clubs, classes and camps? 

Various locations in Dublin, Wicklow & Meath


What to bring:
Old clothes – lab coats are provided however science can be dirty work.
Packed lunch, snack and drink
Rain gear
Sun hat and sunscreen

How to book:

Please go to www.junioreinsteinsscienceclub.com , click ‘Book Camp’ and find the date and location that suits you best.

We have Halloween one day camps, Easter one day camps and week long summer camps 

Various locations in Dublin, Wicklow & Meath

Did you know ?

We also provide science birthday parties, science after school clubs and corporate & family events.

Come visit all that’s on offer at www.junioreinsteinsscienceclub.com

Phone: 085 864 1959

Website: www.junioreinsteinsscienceclub.com

Email: junioreinsteinsscienceclub@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/junioreinsteinsscienceclub


Special Features: Year-round classes and parties are available in addition to holiday camps for students across Metro Dublin! Don’t have a class near you? Call us today to get one set up at a location in your area!